So on Wednesday (6th August 2014) I appeared on the BBC 6 Morning Show and talked with Lauren Laverne my memories at HMV Newcastle on a feature called Memory Tapes.

The feature asks listener to create or revive a mixtape that contains a collection of music the inspire memories from their own past.

I decided to create my own about the 6 years I spent at HMV Newcastle from 1998 to 2004,

HMV was a real musical education to me, it was where I experienced so much new music, where I found out about different genres and where I learned about the beautiful musical style of electro, electronica and electro clash!

BBC 6 Music is now where I get my musical education on a daily basis as I listen to Chris Hawkins, Shaun Keaveney, Lauren Laverne, Rad Mac and Steve Lamaq, Marc Riley and Tom Ravenscroft every week day and Mary Anne Hobbs, Huey Morgan, Liz Kershaw, Giles Peterson, Craig Charles (I love the Funky Souly show) as well as Cerys Matthews, Guy Garvey and Tom Robinson on the weekend.

Anyway this is what I sent to Lauren;

This is the first time that I’ve sent one of these in.

This year (2014) marks the 10 year anniversary of when I stopped working for 415 HMV Newcastle on Northumberland Street. I started working there at the tender age of 16 in 1998, working both part and full time for six years up until 2004…when I left. Since then, I went to university, got myself a degree in Interactive Media Design and now work as designer and illustrator.

I cherish the memories and the friends that I made at HMV, some of whom are still there, or at least still working for the company. This memory tape is dedicated to those people and the songs that will always make me think of them and the musical education that I received.

From 1998 to 2004 I worked in every department within the store apart from the cash office and security, each one still holds great memories for me, like the time I got trapped in the service lift for over an hour and was discovered by accident, or the many nights spent in the local pub after a long shift.

That very store in Newcastle has now left Northumberland Street after its 15 plus years (it moved on 31st of July) and moved into Eldon This means that I will no longer be able to look fondly in at the shop on Northumberland Street and remember the day I served Peter Beardsley, when The Undertaker did a PA, listening to Mark & Lard on Radio 1 while sticking campaign stock in the old haunted cafe, hangover Sunday shifts or even the horrific stock counts!

Each track of my memory tape reminds me of a certain person, time or place of HMV Newcastle. I’ve even added a front and back cover of the album.

Within 8 minutes of sending it in I got a response from Ashley from the BBC 6 Morning Show team asking if I would like appear on the show and talk to Lauren about my tape, of course I said yes.

I was super nervous before hand and wished that I had taken my hayfever tablets. Lauren and the team were lovely, especially when they talked to me before and after I was on air.

They loved the selection and even wrote this in their blog – Memory Tapes

You can listen again here – iPlayer

Or you listen to the entire playlist here – YouTube Playlist

I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this if I didn’t have such great from HMV Newcastle,

So without further ado here is my memory tape of the 6 years I spent at 415 HMV Newcastle;

NOW That’s What I Call HMV 98-04

  1. House of Bamboo – Andy Wiliams (Paul “Tallest Paul” Davis)
  2. New York City Cops – The Strokes (Dave Lord)
  3. London England – Corduroy (Dave Jarmain)
  4. ELPE – Royksopp (Kath Anderson)
  5. I’ve Known Rivers (4hero Remix) – Courtney Pine (John Baig)
  6. Sometimes – Les Rythmes Digitales (Basement Sundays)
  7. F*** the Pain Away – The Peaches (Keith Robinson)
  8. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash (Gordon Riley)
  9. Emerge – Fischerspooner (Back Counter 2003)
  10. Number One – Playgroup (Basement 2002)
  11. Hey Ya! – Outkast/Andre 3000 (Dave McGovern)
  12. Ug – Mr Scruff (Stock Room)
  13. Buffy the Vampire Theme – Nerf Herder (Bruce Coyle)
  14. Witness the Fitness – Roots Manuva (Rachel Clark)
  15. Cold Water Music – Aim (Louise Myers/My Sister – HMV Metrocentre)
  16. In The Bath – Lemon Jelly (Front Counter 2001)
  17. In the Waiting Line – Zero 7 (Sundays on the Back Counter)
  18. Since I Left You – The Avalanches (Floor Walking at Christmas on the Ground Floor)
  19. Hate to Say I Told You So – The Hives (Caroline Thorpe/Sheehan)
  20. Freak on a Leash – Korn (Glen Tebble)
  21. The Perfect Drug – NIN (Michelle Bannan)
  22. Change – Deftones (Stu Patterson)
  23. What’s My Age Again – Blink 182 (Pete McCloskey)
  24. Round Our Way – Oasis (Matt Stockwell)
  25. Yellow – Coldplay (Saturday Night at Scott MacFarlane’s)
  26. Where’s Your Head At – Basement Jaxx (Scott Wilkinson)
  27. A Little Samba – Ugly Duckling (Nick Wrightson)
  28. Shapeshifter – Timo Mass (Craig Hampton)
  29. Satisfaction – Benni Benassi (Gail Summerbell – Hancock/Beirex)
  30. Holy Calamity – Handsome Boy Modelling School (Dan Hedley)
  31. Music is My Radar – Blur (Dave Price & Dave Newton)
  32. Intergalactic – Beastie Boys (Mark McCarthy)
  33. Brown Paper Bag – Roni Size (Craig “Craggz Craggz” James)
  34. Loneliness – Tomcraft (Tom Hewison)
  35. Mashin’ on the Motorway – DJ Shadow (Kev Auld)



Even HMV got in on the Tweets

Memory Tapes 6th August 2014 – By Steve Paul Myers on BBC 6 Morning Show with Lauren Laverne

NOW That’s What I Call HMV: 98-04 – by Steve Paul Myers

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